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A Unique Partnership of 7 Companies from Around the World Pushes Forward

Venray, The Netherlands: The Manders Group, comprised of seven different international companies, is celebrating 30 years of business together. Louis Manders, the founder of the group, started out himself in 1984 with a turning and milling business from his home which eventually became Manders Automation. Forming a partnership across seven separate companies located around the world, The Manders Group continues today with over 350 employees operating in the Netherlands, the United States, Belgium, India, and Romania.

The companies who are members of the Manders Group include Manders Automation, Edgewater Automation, Eutomation, Penta Automation, Montair Process Technology, DMC Manufacturing, and PMA Manufacturing. The range of custom services offered by the group include integrated systems for industrial automation, process solutions, and manufacturing. With a dedication to quality, every member of the Manders Group has ISO 9001:2008 certification.