Edgewater Automation


[layerslider id="1"]St Joseph, Michigan, USA Edgewater Automation’s core business is the design, build, and implementation of custom automated assembly and test equipment for a variety of markets: Energy, Life Science, Electronics, Consumer Products, and Transportation. Launch Website

Manders Automation


[layerslider id="2"]Venray, The Netherlands Manders Automation develops and produces customer automated applications, which are fully specified for our customers product or product range. These applications can vary from complete special equipment, where many components are newly developed, to system integration, where proven technologies are combined to a production cell or production line. Launch Website [...]

Penta Automation


[layerslider id="4"] Umbergam, Gujarat, India Penta Automation provides integrated systems and custom built machines for productivity improvement in the manufacturing of automotive components, white goods, electrical switchgear, power generation and others… Launch Website

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